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Following public health guidelines, we are carefully monitoring the ongoing situation. Like many of you, this uncertainty impacts our planning for summer camp sessions. We are dedicated to providing meaningful summer experiences for our campers but we are also realistic about many families’ ability to plan given the uncertainty. Our teams and partners are actively planning the transition of summer camps to virtual, remote sessions. We want to continue to offer interesting and valuable learning experiences to our campers.  FAQ page  |  Latest ASU updates  | 

  • Forensics

    New College of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences

Week 1 June 7-12 (FULL) AND
Week 2 June 14-19 (FULL)

The camp curriculum consists of nine learning modules:

Day One

Introduction and Orientation

Module 1: Forensic Science? What is it? Crime Scene Basics (theory)

Day Two

Module 2:  Fingerprinting and Fingerprint Visualization Techniques and comparison (lab practical)

Module 3: Impression Evidence Introduction and Impression Evidence Analysis (lab practical)

Day Three

Module 4: Handwriting analysis (Theory and practical)

Module 5: Drug analysis (Theory and lab practical)

Day Four

Module 6: Blood Spatters Pattern and Blood Spatter Pattern Analysis (outside lab practical)

Module 7: Serology and ABO analysis (lab practical)

Day Five

Module 8: Evidence analysis (theory and lab practical)

Module 9: Crime Scene Findings and Crime Solving (Discussion)

Grade in Fall of 2020: 9th Grade,  10th Grade, 11th Grade,12th Grade

Can you tell the difference between what you see in the Forensics lab on TV and what is real? We will dig into cases and techniques to find the true science behind it all!  Throughout the week, you will learn the basic principles of different forensic science disciplines in a dual lecture and laboratory or field setting, and explore the science and techniques behind the identification of crime evidence as it is performed in real crime cases. Come, join the Forensic Program at New College of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences, and have an amazing experience!

Lead Instructor: Adriana Sartorio, MS Forensic Science

Adriana is a Lecturer in the School of Mathematical and Natural Sciences. She teaches Forensic Science classes from different levels to majors and non-major students. She holds a BS in Biology and Forensic Science became part of her life when she wanted to analyze DNA in bones and identify the person. She enjoys working with students from different backgrounds, especially if forensic science is in the middle. 

Having fun while learning is one of her MOs but understanding the science behind the experiment is the main objective. Let’s have some fun with ASU CSI!


Registration Deadline: FULL both weeks

When: Week 1 June 7-12 AND Week 2 June 14-19 (same camp, offered two different weeks

Where: Virtual

Cost: $461

Online Course Requirements: Mac or Wndows PC only * Webcam * Stable internet connection with acccess to Zoom Video Conferencing

In this course, you will: Define Forensic Science * Understand how basic forensic science works * Be able to differentiate the different areas in forensic science * Be able to relate observation skills to forensic science and its different areas


Week 1 - Grade in Fall of 2020: 8th Grade, 9th Grade, 10th Grade, 11th Grade, 12th Grade

Week 2 - Grade in Fall of 2020: 8th Grade, 9th Grade, 10th Grade, 11th Grade, 12th Grade

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For program inquiries, contact: or 602-543-6695